20+ Years and counting – MashaAllah

At Sheeba’s, it is our belief that the investing in the development of a child in their early years is essential to ensure a holistic and sound foundation for lifelong learning and growth. Therefore, we aim to provide a structured path that nurtures confidence, values, and stimulates the physical, mental, and emotional growth of your child.

Our programs ensure that every child feels valued, respected and safe, thereby allowing us to create an environment that is conducive for learning on-campus and at home.

Our core curriculum broadly focuses on:

Language & Communications

Young children often use eye contact, hand gestures and body language to communicate with those around them.

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Literacy development is a vital part of a child’s early education and involves encouraging children to link sounds and letters.

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Motor Skills (Fine and Gross)

At Sheeba’s, we encourage children to draw and paint without boundaries. This not only helps enhance their fine motor skills.

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Creativity & Art

Creativity & Art enhances expression, strengthens coordination, and allows children to process the world and deal with emotions.

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Children are exposed to numerical skills from the very time they are born. This learning happens from watching and experiencing

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Social & School Readiness

Social skills are defined as methods of communicating while ensuring both healthy and positive interactions.

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